NEW TRIUNION PCB has prototype PCB,PCB Production fabrication and pcb assembly capabilities.

  • 4 Layers PCB

    Thermoelectric copper substrate

  • 2 Layers PCB

    Material: Al base + PTFE plate thickness: 3.2mm depth control tolerance: + / - 0.025mm surface treatment: gold deposition and anodizing

  • LED Aluminum PCB

    Material: Cu base + PTFE plate thickness: 1.2mm surface treatment: gold precipitation

  • Rigid-flex PCB

    Material: copper thickness: 1.6mm process: Thermoelectric separation

  • 2 Layer ENIG FPC

    Material: Aluminum number of layers: 2 layers surface treatment: lead-free tin spraying thickness: 1.6mm

  • 2 Layers PCB

    Material: AL-base+PTFEPlate thickness: 3.2mm

  • 1 Layer PCB

    Material: AL-base+PTFEPlate thickness: 3.2mm