IC Programming

We can provide IC programming service, if you need it, please provide part number and code to your dedicated business manager for confirmation.

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IC programming services. Capabilities include rapid turnaround IC programming services. IC programming will be performed before the chips are mounted on the board.

We support various package types (DIP, SDIP, SOP, MSOP, QSOP, SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP, PLCC, QFP, QFN, MLP, MLF, BGA, CSP, SOT and so on.), you can contact with your service/sales representative to help.

We understand the importance of Intellectual Property (IP). That’s why we are prepared to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) document upon the customer’s request. We also have a qualified programming management system.

• Definition of IC(Integrated Circuit) Programming

This is the process of loading a computer program into an IC circuit to run its function. In other words, it is a process of converting computer-encoded code into an IC that will utilize the serial communication protocol available in the device to achieve its goals. For the most part, it is considered the heart of the most important modern electronic circuits.

• Why do ICs need to be programmed?

From the available data, the need for IC(integrated circuit) programming is caused by the introduction of oversized circuits. Large circuits are a burden on designers and manufacturers, and to solve this problem, compact and tiny circuits that maintain the intended function need to be introduced. To meet this compact idea, the designers came up with the idea of an integrated circuit.

After integrated circuits were introduced, designers should ensure that they could communicate with other components, either as outputs or as inputs, which gave rise to integrated programming circuits as we see them today.

• In Conclusion

To sum up, IC programming is programming and loading the code into the integrated circuit, which can be achieved by offline programming and online programming. It is done following the procedure and using the special tools discussed in this article.

If you need more information on IC programming and functional testing, please contact the NEWTRIUNION PCB team. They are known for their super service and turnaround.